Menu of Ô Restaurant


Price (Dhs)
Vegetable cream 50
Harira with dates and lemon 50
Marinated grilled vegetable salad with pesto, parmesan palette 80
Moroccan salad 70
Nicoise salad 70


Price (Dhs)
Club Sandwich                                                                                         75
Chicken farmer or -baguette 75

Main Plate

Price (Dhs)
Sole Meuniere 160
Skewers of chicken with sauteed vegetables and rice                                     120
Mostel fried donut with sautéed vegetables 160
Chicken Tajine At Candied Lemons and Olives 150
Beef Tagine Aux Prunes and Apricots 160
Tajine Dorade with Souiri Way 160
Moroccan Couscous with 7 vegetables 170
Beef Tangia Marrakchi way 170
Lamb tagine Makfoul way 160
Beef tagine with apricots and prunes 160
Pastilla fish 170
Vegetarian tagine with olives 100


Price (Dhs)
Chocolate Mousse                                                                               60
Creme Brulee 60
Fruit Salad 60